Dynamic Catholic, Dynamic Possibility

We have been selected by Dynamic Catholic to be a pilot parish for a new program they are offering called Christ Renews His Parish Retreat.  CRHP is a personal and parish spiritual renewal process. This process has been proven to energize the spiritual lives of individuals and parishes in remarkable ways.  We are in the process of determining if this would benefit and be viable for St. Benedict’s.   It is a parish based 36 hour retreat that utilizes witness talks, small group discussions, Mass, meals, Reconciliation, prayer and social time.  Since it occurs on the parish grounds cost are kept to a minimum (possibly free to $30 dollars).  To accept the offer to be a pilot parish, we need 3 men and 3 women willing to be the “seed” team to get the program started.  In all honesty this will be a yearlong time commitment of one meeting a month until September and then 2 -3 a month until the retreat occurs in the spring of 2018.  All the meetings will entail coaching and formation designed and led by Dynamic Catholic.  At this point we are asking everyone to help us pray about this decision.  If you are interested and/or willing to be a part of the seed team, call Janet at 724.941.9587 ext 112 for more information.  A decision will be made by April 21.