Take the Online Survey Now / Construction Begins This Week

Two major projects begin this month in the parish. The first is that as of yesterday (Saturday, June 3) the link to the online survey is live. I encourage everyone to take a few minutes to take it.

The survey was first proposed by the Pastoral Council to gather information in preparation for the major changes to every parish in the diocese in 2018 with the On Mission initiative by Bishop Zubik (detailed in this space two weeks ago). While On Mission will bring changes, the changes are not simply for change’s sake. On Mission is forcing both priests and people to look at how we approach our central mission of preaching the Gospel of Jesus — which is a good thing and has been long overdue. How do we introduce or re-introduce people to Jesus? How do we nurture peoples’ faith and accompany them on their faith journey? How do we reach out and inspire young people with Jesus’ message? How do we bring back those who have fallen away from the faith? On Mission also provides a structure so that priests can focus on the spiritual and pastoral things (including better preaching) for which we have been ordained and to provide opportunities for you, the laity, to become more involved with your faith. It is my hope that through On Mission our local church will grow and flourish.

As we prepare for the implementation of On Mission, St. Benedict the Abbot has put together a survey to solicit your feedback, which will help us to gauge your spiritual needs and priorities. This survey is being conducted by Marshall Marketing and is designed to insure that responses are anonymous. Your personal information will be kept strictly confidential and will not be sold or shared with an outside party. The link to the survey is: http://www.customercontactinc.net/survey/stbe/stbelogn.htm . You may also access it through our web page at: www.sbapeters.org. This link will be live through June 30. While I hope that you will take it online, there are a limited number of paper surveys available in the Parish Office for those who do not have a computer.

Construction Begins This Week

The second major project beginning this week is the long-awaited refurbishing of the Pope Benedict Activity Center (old church building) into a new parish Center. Beginning this week, you will no longer be able to drive around the lower part of the building for the next 8 months as the contractor establishes a secure staging area for the work. You will still be able to drive above the new church to access the back exit of the property at the corner of Abington Drive and Stonebrook Drive. I hope to update you at the weekend Masses and in this space within the next few weeks as we nail down details regarding the construction project. Needless to say, I am pumped with excitement.