Youth Ministry

St. Benedict's Youth programs, activities, and events available for all teens in grades 9-12.  Our mission is to invite teens into a closer relationship with Jesus and His Church.  We use relevant teaching techniques and authentic relationship to help teens understand what it is to live true Christianity.  We also have all levels of involvement so teens can pick and choose. 

Youth Ministry 2017.


Cedar Point 

Here are the details you will need to share with your teen if they are coming to Cedar Point next Sunday:

  1. The bus will be leaving from St. Benedict after the 7:30 am Mass. If you are not going to that Mass, please be there at 8:20 am.
  2. We will be leaving the hotel Monday at 4:30 pm and return around 9:30 pm.
  3. Things to pack include sunscreen, bug spray, money for food, snacks, and a bathing suit for the pool.
  4. Each teen will be assigned a chaperone, and they will have to check in with them 5 times throughout the trip, either in person or by phone.
  5. There is a midnight quiet curfew at the hotel. This needs to be respected or they will send teens/groups home.
  6. We get to the hotel before check-in so our luggage stays in a guest room. Please do not bring anything valuable because it cannot be assured.
  7. The usual rules apply (i.e. no smoking, drinking, out past curfew) or else parents will be asked to pick up their teens.

If you haven’t turned in the remaining $120 or $140 balance, please do so ASAP. We have never sent teens home or have lost a teen on this trip. Pray for us while we are away so that I can say the same next year. Thank you for trusting us with your teens.

Quo Vadis Days—July 15-16

What does it mean to be a Catholic Man? High school men, don’t miss Quo Vadis Days, two days dedicated to learning more about the priesthood, deepening your faith, and better discerning God’s call in your life. The retreat includes brotherhood, Mass, sports, adoration, and dynamic talks. All men entering 10th, 11th, 12th grades and freshman year of college are welcome. For more information, go to

Place: Cardinal Wuerl North Catholic High School  Cost: $40 (Scholarships Available)

Camp Lajas 2018

This is a four-night camp for girls in grades 9-12. Attendees will be immersed in the camp experience as they participate in adventure activities including hiking, kayaking, archery, whitewater rafting, and rock-climbing. Campers will experience Our Creator in nature every day as well as through praise & worship, Mass, Reconciliation, and dynamic, challenging spiritual talks. For more information, visit the website at or to talk with a camp staff member, please email or call 724-481-1232.

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