Welcoming Ministry

The Welcoming Ministry's goal is to contact new parishioners personally or by telephone welcoming them to St. Benedict the Abbot. We want them to feel connected with our church family by introducing them to various ministries and services offered at St. Ben's.

Our ministry is open to all parishioners who have a calling to welcome new members. In such a large parish of nearly 10,000 members, it is far too common for new members to feel alone and disconnected. To assure newcomers that we are a vibrant, spirit-filled parish of one family in Christ, the Welcoming Ministry serves as an avenue to become spiritually and socially connected with others of like interests. Various parish families and singles have chosen to support and assist new parishioners by introducing and, on occasion, accompanying them to the numerous spiritual, educational and social programs St. Benedict's offers.

We also present our new members with a gift bag containing items of interest from our church family which are available during Abbey Coffee House hours, or delivered to the homes of new members, with their approval.

Please link to “New Parishioners”. It will give you a peek into what awaits you as an active member of St Benedict's. 

For more information, please contact Cindy Peterson at 724.825.8880


The Welcoming Ministry would like you to be a part of the Liturgical Ministry by being a Greeter. To be a part of this Liturgical Ministry requires Greeters to be at church approximately 15-20 minutes before the Mass you usually attend, pass out children’s bulletins or other information, greet people with a smile or a handshake and a “Hello”.  Scheduling is very flexible. Families, singles and teens are all welcome. Your positive attitude and a smile may be the light for an individual that may remain with him or her for an entire week, and/or be the inspiration for them to visit our Lord on a frequent basis.

If interested, please call Pam Slomiany at 412.551.8039 or Erma Grego at 724.941.6956.