Ushers Needed

Ushers perform a needed support service during Mass. From time to time, we lose ushers due to retirement and health reasons. We are always looking for new ushers to help on a regular or part time basis. Ideally our goal is eight ushers per Mass to allow for people being out of town or not able to attend for other reasons. We have a strong need for ushers at the 12:30 pm Mass. James Dean, one of our longest serving ushers, is no longer able to volunteer in this capacity. In addition we always need ushers to serve at the Christmas and Easter Holy Days. If you (men or women) are interested in serving in this capacity, please contact Mike Silvestri by emailing him at or feel free to talk to one of the ushers at Mass.

Usher service is an important and rewarding liturgical ministry serving the parish.  The usher is instrumental in creating an atmosphere of hospitality and friendliness with those attending church service. The usher welcomes those attending Mass, assists in their seating within the church, gathers the collection and distributes the bulletins after Mass. The ushers also provide assistance in case of an illness and help with special needs of individual parishioners.

If you are interested, please contact Mike Silvestri at 724.941.5238.