The City - Leaders Help Videos

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Group Settings

Group Settings allow group or ministry leaders to personalize settings and options for their group.

Inviting People into a Group

Once you have your group settings created for your group or ministry, you can invite people to join you group.

Manage Group Roster

As a group leader you can manage the participants in your group or ministry.

Create a Topic

Creating a topic allows you to communicate with an entire group, rather than sending message to many people at once

Create an Event

You can create a post called an event such as a meting or a service project in your group. This will inform all members of your group as to the event, time and date as well as allow members to respond it they are going to attend. 

Create a Need

Creating a need allows you to inform members of your group or ministry as to a need within your group such as needing a substitute for an altar server, lector or Eucharistic Minister. You can also create a need to have people complete tasks for a particular function within your group.

Share a Post

When you create a new post such as a topic or need, you can share the information with others outside of your group.

Create a Service Opportunity

Creating a service opportunity, allows others within The City be aware of volunteer opportunities.


Events within your group can be on the the groups calendar, which all members will see on their calendar within The City.