The City - Help Videos

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Account Settings

When you first login to The City, you will want to set up your account settings. This video will show you what elements are part of your account settings.

Joining Groups

Once you are on The City, you can join groups or ministries of which you are a member or that you may wish to join.

Email Notifications

Sometimes we are overwhelmed with emails in our inbox. You can limit the number of emails you receive or you can allow all emails or you can choose something in between.


To email or message one or more people on The City, it is easy to do.


You can invite others on The City to be Friends with you.

Create a Topic

Creating a topic allows you to communicate with an entire group, rather than sending message to many people at once.

Create a Need

Creating a need allows you to inform members of your group or ministry as to a need within your group such as needing a substitute for an altar server, lector or Eucharistic Minister. You can also create a need to have people complete tasks for a particular function within your group.

Create an Event

You can create a post called an event such as a meting or a service project in your group. This will inform all members of your group as to the event, time and date as well as allow members to respond it they are going to attend.

The Marketplace

What is the Marketplace and how can it help me.


Mobile Apps

If you own a smartphone or a tablet, you may choose to download an app to view The City