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2014 St. Benedict the Abbot Pastoral Council Summary

March 5

Discussion continues on the Pastoral Plan, specifically Goal One---final wording---to encourage active participation in the Mass and improve our understanding and appreciation for all aspects of the Mass---much discussion on how we can accomplish this---.

April 1

Discussion again is centered on the Pastoral Plan, with emphasis on certain definitions re: discipleship, church language, outreach, evangelization, etc.  We must use caution to not make a goal unattainable and not be too broad---we are reminded that the objectives under the goals are what are measureable, not the goals themselves---what is our focus---who are we trying to reach (those who already attend Mass or those who rarely attend Mass)---we decided to have three goals

  1. Make Mass Matter
  2. Seek the Lost
  3. Build Community

May 6

It was decided that our Pastoral Plan would take much more planning, so we will have more meetings (twice monthly) to help us in this endeavor---after much input Goal 2 changed to Awakening the Faithful, which is much more user friendly---spent much time on Goal 1 on how we can help our parishioners re: the Mass and all aspects of the Mass.

May 20

Continued working on Goal 1---there was much input from everyone---how can we best help the needs of our parish----how to better involve the young people of the parish, with emphasis on young adults through various ministries i.e. ushers, altar servers, etc.---reference to some other parishes who do things out of the box to encourage people to participate.

June 3

Focus on Goal 11. Awaken the Faithful---after much input changed the title of Goal 11 to Forming Intentional Disciples---how can we accomplish this----providing books/DVDs (possibly have them available in the Narthex)---priest announce the availability to all---emphasize and promote current ministries in our church community, etc.

July 1

Again discussion re: Goal 2----went back to title Awaken the Faithful----Bob Winter presented program called Christ Life Series----to help persons develop a more personal relationship with Christ----this will be implemented in the near future, with complete details---a committee will be formed, headed by Peter Bonadio, to further investigate and promote existing ministries in our parish, etc.

August 19

Goal 1 again discussed, with much input on our Mass---Aimee Schmidt will chair this committee re: all aspects of the Mass---set deadline for all aspects of the Pastoral Plan which will be presented on October 4/5 at all of the Masses---Pastoral Council Members will be present at all of the Masses to answer questions, encourage parishioners to sign up for various committees,etc.

September 2

Finalization of all aspects of activity for Ocober.4/5---updates presented by various chairs

December 2

Updates of all objectives presented by committee leaders---Aimee Schmidt has meeting scheduled---her committee consists of Ed Corbett, Lily Kauffman, Elaine Farney, Greg Orphall, and Deacon Tom (their goal is how to get more involvement and understanding of the Mass).

Matt re: Objective 2a---committee members are Mary Spinabelli, Jami Christopher, and Tim Thomas----will distribute DVD of Father Baron’s Catholicism series after the Christmas 2014 Masses.

Peter Bonadio re: Objective 3a and 3b----committee members are Maria Streno, Joan McCabe, Carol Donofrio, and Angie McCarty----will use various methods to inform persons of various ministries, etc.

Mike Kita re: Objective 4---committee members are David Herald, Beth Swaney, Jim McCarty, Aimee Schmidt, Jeff Nobers, and Chris Morgan----will discuss surveys, etc.

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