Online Giving


Online Giving

Our parish offers a convenient service for contributions! Parishioners who use the service are pleased with how easy it is to set up and manage. If you have not yet signed up for Online Giving, then please consider this option. This is a perfect tool for anyone who shops online! By using Online Giving you are helping the parish to improve our operational efficiency.

Online Giving is a web-based application that allows you to start, stop and change your contributions at any time. Online Giving is very easy to use and requires no special knowledge other than how to access the internet.To sign-up, click on the Online Giving logo on the left  and create an account. (For more information on creating a new account, see below.) After you are signed up, you can go to our home page and use the Online Giving Logo under Quick Links to go to the Online Giving website.


Online Giving App

Our Online Giving now is also an App for Apple products! You can download it and use it even if you already give through Online Giving or are new and want to create an account. Go to the App Store or to download and then register by entering our church ID of 6.


Online Giving - Quick Give

Quick Give is a feature in our on-line giving program. “Quick Give” is an easy-to-use, quick means of contributing a one-time gift toward the fund of your choice without setting up an on-line account! Your gift will be processed immediately, and payment information will not be stored by On-Line Giving. You can access our On-Line Giving by clicking on the on-line giving link on the home page (or on the Online Giving Image at the top of this page).

If you wish to sign up for Online Giving on a regular basis, please see the information below.


Online Giving

The information below will help guide you through the signup process. Once you are signed up, you can use the link on the home page to easily access online giving.


Creating a New Account

Step 1 is to sign up for online giving by clicking on the link at the top. This link takes you to the St. Benedict the Abbot Church Online Giving login page (shown below). To get started, click the link to "Create a New Account".

Online Giving 

Step 2 is to create your Login Information. You will need to create a User ID and Password. The User ID must be 6-35 characters and may contain both letters, numbers andmay contain these special characters (!@&*.). The password you choose must be 8-16 characters and may contain letters, numbers and symbol such as !, @, & or *. You do not enter information for the Registration Code. (That is for account administrators only). 

Next fill in your Personal Information and Address Information. The e-mail address must be unique. You cannot use the same e-mail address for two different User IDs. Be sure to enter information in all boxes marked with a red asterisk*.

Online Giving

Step 3: When you click the Submit button, your will see a message that your account has been created. An e-mail will be sent to your account confirming your new account, your User ID and Password.

Online Giving

Step 4 is to confirm your new account. The e-mail you receive will be similar to the one shown below. You must click on the link at the top of the e-mail to confirm your account before you can log in to your account. (If the link does not work, copy and paste it into the browser's address bar.)

Online Giving 

Once you click on this link, you will be taken back to the St. Benedict the Abbot Church Online Giving login page.

Step 5 is to enter your User ID and Password in the Existing User Login section and continue setting up your account. You will need to enter information the bank account you wish to use for your donations. Once that information is entered, you can then set up donations for the Sunday Collection, Parish Share Program and Building Fund Debt Reduction.


Online Help

For more information about setting up your account or how to navigate through the Online Giving site, you can view the Online Giving User Guide (pdf file). You can also access the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)...