Sacrament of Marriage

To be married sacramentally couples should contact one of the priests at least six months prior to the requested date. Pre-marriage preparation is required. Call Fr. Bob for more details.

When contemplating marriage...

...the couple should contact one of the parish priests at least six months before the intended date of marriage. At the initial meeting, a pamphlet regarding the diocesan guidelines for marriage and spiritual preparations will be discussed and questions about the music, decorations, etc. may be addressed. If anyone was previously married, annulment procedures must also be discussed. The nature and status and time involved for an annulment differs greatly depending on many specifies. We would suggest that anyone who has had a previous marriage, even if not contemplating remarriage in the immediate future, should come and talk things over with one of our priests.

Pre-marriage instruction is a diocesan requirement. Couples can contact Mary Lou Fraticelli at 724.941.4230 to register for our parish program.