March for Life 2018

The annual March for Life will be held on Friday, January 19, 2018 in Washington, D.C. The bus will leave from St. Benedict’s at 6:30 am. Donuts and beverages will be provided; however, you should bring a lunch. There are restrooms on the buses with one comfort stop along the way. The trip to Washington, D.C. takes about 5 hours.

The bus captains will provide information and leadership throughout the trip. They will circulate sign-up sheets for Marchers, give directions to Lobbyists who elect to visit the House and Senate offices, collect letters to legislators and inform marchers about our white crosses.

The March begins with a rally at the National Mall and continues up Constitution Avenue to the Supreme Court Building – a distance of about 2 miles. We will carry fifty white crosses and the St. Benedict and Ben’s Men banners.

The March for Life is a peaceful demonstration packed with thousands of people from all over America.  Many are teenagers.  Let’s show our politicians and judges that we detest the killing of our defenseless babies.

After the March we meet at the Union Station.  The bus departs approx. 3:30 pm for our return home.  There is a stop for dinner at your own expense.  We arrive at St. Benedict’s parking lot approximately 11:00 pm.

For bus reservations and additional information, call Ken or Theresa Ross at   724.916.4864 


NAME: _______________________________________________________

PHONE:  ______________________________________________________

TOTAL NUMBER ATTENDING: ____________________________________

Email: _________________________________________________________

Any High School Students?: _______________________________________

Cost for the trip is $20 /person, $40 maximum per family

Make Checks payable to St. Benedict the Abbot.

Return this form with payment to the Parish Office.