Faith Formation - Home School

Home School Guidelines for Faith Formation 

  • Establish a weekly routine meeting at the same time and same place
  • Plan to spend 1 hour per lesson
  • Choose a quiet time and location
  • Set up a prayerful environment: a lit candle, a Bible and a cross
  • Follow the grade level syllabus which indicates the order of lessons and the liturgical seasons material (Syllabi are available on our web site—Grades 1-8)
  • Begin weekly lesson with prayer: 
  • may review and pray the traditional prayers, or
  • follow the prayer service at the end of each chapter
  • Complete chapter activities and reviews
  • Complete the Unit reviews on the "Alive in Christ" Website  (See link in menu under End of Unit Reviews
  • Refer to Catechetical Curriculum Guidelines available in Faith Formation Office 
Parish Life
  • Stay connected to parish life by participation at Sunday Mass
  • Participate in at least 5 events on the Faith Builders listed below
  • Participate in other parish events
  • Partner with the Faith Formation Office for additional resources and/or materials
Faith Builders
  • Pet Blessing
  • Visit to Bethlehem
  • Advent Penance Service
  • Christmas Eve Mass
  • Christmas Day Mass
  • Attend Mass on Holy Days of Obligation
  • Mardi Gras
  • Stations of the Cross (Fridays of Lent)
  • Lenten Penance Service
  • Holy Thursday Mass of the Lord’s Supper
  • Good Friday Services
  • Vacation Bible School