Sacrament of Holy Eucharist


Those who were baptized in the Catholic Church as infants are to be led to eucharistic communion when they reach the use of reason (generally the age of seven). Enrollment in a parish Faith Formation program should occur in grade one when suitable formation is begun to augment the formation that occurs within the Christian family. 

Children in second grade are invited to the Lord’s Table if they have been prepared at least two years. Contact Faith Formation for more information at 724.941-9587, ext. 107.


Communion for the Homebound

Please note also that one need not be homebound for an extended period to request Communion in the home. A person may suffer an illness or injury, or perhaps be recovering from surgery, and is only temporarily unable to attend Mass (e.g., several consecutive weekends). Those who find themselves in such a situation should not hesitate to request Communion in the home. For more information on receiving Communion at home, please call Dennis Gehrlein, 724.941.9406, ext. 109.