Greeters Wanted:

We are looking for smiling faces to warmly greet and welcome parishioners and visitors alike. Consider becoming part of the Greeters Ministry!

The greeter before Mass creates a positive impression  for a visitor or new parishioner. A warm greeting  makes them feel connected with the members of our  church. Scheduling is flexible. You may volunteer to be  a greeter one or twice a month, or even every quarter,  for the Mass you normally attend. “Do not neglect  hospitality, for through it some have unknowingly  entertained angels.” (Hebrews 13:2) If you are  interested in becoming part of this ministry, please  contact Pam Slomiany at or  412-551-8039 

Mission Statement

Philippians 2:29 (NAB)
Hebrews 13:2 (NAB)

To make newcomers and parishioners feel genuinely welcomed at St. Benedict the Abbot Catholic Church.


  1. People will be more receptive to the Liturgy and homily if they feel comfortable and at ease on their way into church.

  2. Being a source of information to visitors and parishioners in answering questions, or at least to direct them to a person who can answer specifics about St. Benedict’s ministries and programs; then, follow-up!

The Greeter can be one of the most influential people in creating a positive attitude for a new visitor since first impressions can make the difference between that visitor returning to Mass on a continual basis, or in his/her decision to be a member of St. Benedict the Abbot.

To be a part of this Liturgical Ministry requires Greeters to be at church  approximately 15-20 minutes before the Mass you usually attend, pass out children’s bulletins or other information, greet people with a smile or a handshake and a “Hello”.  Scheduling is very flexible. Families, singles and teens are all welcome. Your positive attitude and a smile may be the light for an individual that may remain with him or her for an entire week, and/or be the inspiration for them to visit our Lord on a frequent basis.

If anyone is interested, please call Jana Gruber at 724.941.3096 or Erma Grego at 724.941.6956.