St. Benedict Gardening Group

Our Ministry – Taking the Dust and Clay of Everyday and Turning It into Something Beautiful

St. Benedict, in his Rule, addresses the fact that we must discover how to make the here and now, right and holy for us. The Rule assumes no great asceticism and promises no great spiritual feats. It simply takes the dust and clay of every day and turns it into beauty—words that have become our motto.

In a world fragmented by transience and detachment, the Rule of St. Benedict stresses the need and nature of real community. We hope that the work that we do, in some small way, helps to create an environment that is welcoming and thus, aids in building-up the St. Benedict community.

For more information, contact:Betty Abrew at 724.941.4696 or Marsha LaCamera 724.941.3376

The Gardens

Please click on this link to see photographs of the gardens at St. Benedict the Abbot Parish. Click on the first picture to open the images in a larger format.  Click on the arrows to cycle through the images. 

Our Projects

Over the past several years we have been involved in a number of projects. A few of those projects are highlighted below.

50th Anniversary Celebration Garden

A major undertaking in the spring of 2012 was the redesign of the crown vetch hillside that borders the upper driveway side of the church. The invasive crown vetch and thistle were removed and replaced with decorative boulders and a beautiful array of bushes, trees and flowers. This aptly named ‘Celebration Garden’ done as our contribution to the 50th Anniversary of St. Benedict the Abbot Parish stands as a testament to the work we do as a self-supporting Benedictine community. Note:

The funds used to accomplish the work on the Celebration Garden Hillside were raised through the sale of bricks for the Commemorative Brick Walkway and the sale of Memorial Trees.

Memorial Tree Donations

Memorial Trees line both sides of the Friar Lane Entrance to the parish grounds. These Cleveland Select Pear Trees were donated and planted in the Fall of 2010. Additionally, in 2011 Memorial Trees were donated and planted in the Memorial Garden to the Unborn Child and at the corner of O’Brien Hall. Engraved river rocks set at the base of each tree mark the memorial donation.


A Benedictine community cares for the earth and all things well. Accordingly, the St. Benedict Gardening Group has been actively involved in helping to create an awareness of the need to recycle as well as to introduce other ‘green’ initiatives.

Our environmental initiatives include:

  • Composting
  • Recycling of plastics, aluminum and paper
  • Reducing the use of Styrofoam and encouraging the use of paper and ceramic products