Family Promise

St. Benedict Is Hosting August 12 through August 19!

Many hands are needed for this Homeless Family Ministry. St Benedict the Abbot is hosting at John McMillan Church on Clifton Road, just three miles from here.

We need Drivers, Overnights, Meals and Hospitality volunteers for August 12 through August 19!

Drivers are needed at 4:00 pm or 6:00 am. Please call Bill Wanninger at 724-350-4214 or email him at

Overnight help is needed from 8:30 pm—6:00 am. Please call Blaise Hollot at 724-747-3301 or email him at

Meals are needed for 5:30 pm—6:30 pm. Please call Mary Spinabelli at 724-942-2478 or email her at

Hospitality help is needed  from 6:30 pm—8:30 pm. Please call Patty Ross at 412-973-9090 or email her at

We hosted in May and had 4 families 5 adults and 11 children. They were so grateful for all the hospitality. Please, pray for these families!

There will be sign up sheets in all of the churches July 21-22, we welcome new volunteers to this ministry!! Volunteers must be compliant with our Safe Environment Policy.


What is Family Promise?

When I needed a ride you drove me in the big blue van...
When I was tired you gave me a bed to sleep on...
When I was lonely you gave me comfort...
When I was hungry you gave me food..

The Family Promise program is dedicated to helping homeless families stay intact during times of crisis. The Interfaith Hospitality Network in Washington has approximately 32 area churches that provide families with a warm bed, three meals per day, transportation, compassion and comfort.

To volunteer, you can also fill out our online form and click the submit button.