Faith Formation - Family Catechesis

Family Catechesis Program – “Families Alive in Christ”

This model offers a total family approach to catechesis and is designed for a family to grow in their faith together. The curriculum is 21 faith lessons from October through April.

  • The program requires families to attend one On-site Faith Learning Session per month and complete two At Home Faith Sessions per month.

On-site Faith Learning Sessions will include:

Gather – For a meal, prayer & large group topic presentation.
Invite - Encounter God in His Word by breaking out into age-specific lessons.
Discover- Learning for children and adults continues with a lesson or activity based in the monthly faith theme.
Share - Families gather again into a large group for discussion and sharing of faith.
At Home Faith Sessions will include: - Materials provided for families to continue the faith learning at home and families are required to complete the two lessons before the next monthly session.

The Family Catechesis sessions are held on scheduled Sundays monthly from 11:00 am – 1:30 pm.