Faith Formation - First Eucharist



Bread and Wine

Children baptized as infants in the Roman Catholic Church are led to the holy table of the Lord when they reach the age of reason which is generally considered "around the age of seven." The earliest years of a young disciple's life "are nourished in the faith, hope, and love of the Christian family. The family, in turn, is rooted in and sustained by the parish community, a local embodiment of the whole People of God. The time of formation must be understood to include the whole period following the child's baptism"  (Chapter IV, The Sacraments of Initiation Policies for the Diocese of Pittsburgh). Enrollment in our parish Faith Formation program must occur in grade one when suitable formation is begun to augment the formation that occurs within Christian family life. In the second year of formation, children are considered candidates for First Eucharist. Thus, sacramental preparation is a two year program.  In addition, it is the responsibility of parents to attend one parent session for each child who is engaged in preparation for the lifelong celebration of Holy Eucharist.