End of Unit Reviews

Alive in Christ

Home Schooling - Grades K - 6

To use the Alive in Christ website resoures:

Step 1

Click on the link for Alive in Christ: www.aliveinchrist.osv.com

Step 2

Click on the green Student & Family button at the top left of the OSV webpage.

Step 3

Click on the In the Home button in the menu bar.:

Here you will find

Home Session plans for each Grade and chapter.
People of Faith activities

Click on the Interactive Reviews:button in the menu bar:

Here you will find Practice Tests and Reviews.

Click on Games button in the menu bar

Here you will find online games and puzzles for each grade level

Send Eassessments

Click on the Send Eassessments button in the menu bar

Enter the parent's username and password
         ** First time users should register the information requested using the parent's information

Select the Grade/ Unit/ Chapter

Enter/ E-mail Recipient – ffhomeschool@sbapeters.org
         Your assessment will be sent to the Faith Formation office.

Click on Take the Eassessment button.

The eAssessment screen will appear. Enter your child’s name. (For more than one child repeat the same process.)

When your child is finished with the assessment, it will be automatically sent to the Faith Formation Office.