Caring Hearts Ministry


What is Caring Hearts?

A caring and listening ministry providing confidential, one-to-one Christian care to people facing difficulty. The care is man-to-man or woman-to-woman. It is for individuals, not couples or families. The program does not include minors and connects with people over 18 years old.

Caring Hearts can provide care for people with different types of needs such as: unemployment, relocation, severe financial setback, living with a degenerative disease, empty nest, parent support of an adult child going through divorce, caring for severely ill family member, or following the death of a loved one. These are only a few examples.

If this type of care seems right for you or a friend, you are invited to contact Caring Hearts Ministry at St. Benedict’s.


Who Is a Caring Hearts Minister?

A caring Christian who really listens

A member of our parish who has received 50 hours of training in how to provide distinctively Christian care

A person who is ready to focus on your needs

A trustworthy confidant who will keep everything you say—and even your identity—confidential

Someone who will faithfully meet with you on a weekly basis for as long as your need persists.

A Caring Hearts Minister is not:

A counselor or therapist

A problem-solver

Someone who runs errands to helps with chores

A casual visitor


How to Connect with a Caring Hearts Minister?

Are you going through a tough time in life. Would you benefit from the trained, caring presence and listening ear of a Caring Hearts Minister. There are several ways to be connected:

  • You may prefer to discuss your desire for a Minister with any of our clergy. After obtaining your permission, your name and number will be provided to Caring Hearts, referral coordinator. You will be contacted, and if appropriate will be matched with a Minister.

  • You may directly contact Jay Jarrell (referral coordinator) at 724.941.5026.


How to Connect Someone Else to a Caring Hearts Minister?

We all know someone in crisis who doesn't know where to turn.

Someone who is tense, upset, worn out— needing someone to talk with, someone to care and listen.

Caring Hearts Ministry can provide care for people with different types of needs.

You’d like to help. But how? There are three easy steps.

  1. Listen and care for your friend in your own relationship together.

  2. Ask your friend for permission to share his or her need with someone who can help. Be sure to tell your friend that all information will be kept confidential.

  3. Once permission is given, you may directly contact Jay Jarrell (referral coordinator) at 724.941.5026. If needs can best by served by a Caring Hearts Minister, your friend will be matched with someone who will be supportive through this tough time,
    Your friend may choose to make the contact directly and is invited to do so.


Who Will Know?

Confidentiality is the foundation of Caring Hearts Ministry. Care receivers do not need to worry that others will find out what they discuss with their Ministers.