Catholic Vision of Love - Grade 8


Class 1: Your vocation: To make the world a better place

This class seeks to stress for students the importance of accepting our responsibility for making this world a better place, for seeking to overcome abortion and the injustices involved in poverty, and to enable them to realize how necessary chastity is for overcoming abortion and social injustice.

Lesson Plan for Class 1
Student Handouts for Class 1


Class 2: Living in a world that suffers from AIDS

This lesson seeks to help young people understand some of the bitter evils that have arisen from the misuse of sexuality. It speaks of AIDS, and of other sexually transmitted diseases, and of other serious harms. Sexuality is a gracious gift of God. But we invite tragedy when we use excellent things badly. It is never good and never safe to abuse sexuality. Still, the physical harms that come from abuses of sex are not the worst of its bad effects, and fear of these evils is not the best motive for being chaste. Treating sexuality intelligently is itself good; it makes friendship and all of life richer and happier. Chastity if not terribly difficult; we do not have to advise people to rely on the highly unreliable forms of “safe sex” foolishly taught by some today. There are secure ways of really being safe, and of having really good lives. Something as important as sexuality deserves to be treated intelligently!

Lesson Plan for Class 2
Student Handouts for Class 2


Class 3: Christ and my conscience

Years of adolescence are often years of confusion. But young people do want to be good. They have high standards for others, and they want to be honest, and live by high standards themselves. Yet the world does much to confuse their ideas of right and wrong, as it does for all people. Often they let themselves be led astray, and feel that it is all right to do things that their peers do, because they don’t feel bad about doing such things. This lesson is intended to help them in something of greatest importance to their lives: in coming to realize what conscience really is, and how they can be radically honest in facing what is truly good or truly bad in the shaping of their own lives.

Lesson Plan for Class 3
Student Handouts for Class 3


Class 4: The Eucharist and love

This lesson seeks to show how the Eucharist is a gift of God’s most generous love, and shows us how to be generous in love in every part of life, and so wise in living. Jesus gave us the Eucharist the night before He died willingly for us, to remind us how much He would always love us, and to give through this sacrament the real power to love each other generously and strongly. The Eucharist constantly calls us to strong and true love, for Christ, and for each one of our brothers and sisters; and so the Eucharist calls us to live free from sin (which is the enemy of love) because we are so near to Christ, who is perfectly good, and calls us to be good to one another.

Lesson Plan for Class 4
Student Handouts for Class 4


Class 5: Personal Safety

Body Boundaries – what we wear and what we do

Lesson Plan for Class 5
Student Handouts for Class 5


Classes 1-5

Parents wishing to print all the lesson plans at once as well as all the student handouts may download the packets using the links below.

Complete Lesson Plans for Grade 8
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