Catholic Vision of Love - Grade 7


Class 1: Vocation—God's call

This class is planned to help the students realize the goodness of our vocation: our call to be Christians, and our call by God Himself to an important life. It could be a call to a religious kind of vocation, or it could be a divine vocation to enter marriage with a very special person, and to have children. We are all called to find our way to heaven by doing great things on this earth in ordinary circumstances.

The whole idea of vocation is explored here: God’s deep concern for everything in our life, how we plan our lives, and the ways we learn to put all that we are as boys and girls into becoming men and women.

Lesson Plan for Class 1
Student Handouts for Class 1


Class 2: Modesty—A strong and thoughtful virtue

To help students grasp the meaning of modesty and appreciate its attractiveness and goodness, and to help them understand why Christ wants us to have modesty in our hearts and in our lives.

Lesson Plan for Class 2
Student Handouts for Class 2


Class 3: Reconciliation in our years of growing up

This lesson seeks to help young people to make good use of the Sacrament of Reconciliation in ways that will help them most in their years of growing up. At this time of their life this sacrament is a necessary support for their life of faith and grace. It offers the help they need especially now, even though this is also a time in which they are especially tempted to neglect this sacrament. Temptations at this time of life are more disturbing, and sins are most embarrassing, and life, in general, gets more confusing. They need now certain special helps from the Lord, so that as they grow up in many ways, they may grow also in the life of faith. Regular use of this sacrament will help them to get a strong hold on their faith and on their will to live in ways Christ calls them, even in times of great confusion and stress.

Lesson Plan for Class 3
Student Handouts for Class 3


Class 4: Christ and the courage to be pure of heart

This lesson helps the student know what the beatitude “Blessed are the pure of heart” means, and realize how true it is. It helps them see why it takes courage to have a pure and honest heart, but that life is badly hurt if we become cowards in this. For love is the most important of all things, and a pure heart is one that makes love be true to itself. The pure heart does not confuse selfish and lustful mistreatment of self and others with love, but knows that love really cares for the ones we love, and wants them to have what is truly good.

Lesson Plan for Class 4
Student Handouts for Class 4


Class 5: Personal Safety

Communication Boundaries – texting, touching, and talking about ourselves and others.

Lesson Plan for Class 5
Student Handouts for Class 5


Classes 1-5

Parents wishing to print all the lesson plans at once as well as all the student handouts may download the packets using the links below.

Complete Lesson Plans for Grade 7
Complete Student Booklet for Grade 7