Catholic Vision of Love - Grade 6


Class 1: Vocation

This lesson seeks to strengthen in students a sense of vocation, a realization that their lives are important, that God has a great role for each of them to play in life. It seeks to show that reflection on what we are meant to be is important for the fulfillment and happiness of our lives.

Lesson Plan for Class 1
Student Handouts for Class 1


Class 2: Being responsible for our own lives

This lesson help students understand the great gift of freedom, and to be able to tell the difference between “things happening to them” and “things they do.” It is always important for young people to realize that life is not just something that happens to them (though many things happen beyond our control). Life is most of all something we live, and the free actions that we do. Many people want to be good, but get discouraged, forgetting that Christ is strong even when they are not. Christ will help them to use their freedom well if they really want to take charge of their own lives, and not let the world dominate them.

Lesson Plan for Class 2
Student Handouts for Class 2


Class 3: Life is worth living

This lesson had a very basic message. God made us to live! To live great lives! (See John 10:10.) He made us to live happily and well in this life we now have on earth, and so deserve to have an even better and richer life with Him and one another in eternal life. Our life now works best, and feels worth living, when we try earnestly to get things right and do things well. In special things, like sports and games, we see this clearly. Things go well when we put our whole hearts into them. And this is even more true of the big things of life. Life is dear to us when we realize what it is about, and try to live it well. Large things like love and sexuality will be blessings to us, if we understand them for what they really are, and follow the wise teaching of Christ.

Lesson Plan for Class 3
Student Handouts for Class 3


Class 4: Learning how large love is

This lesson aims at helping the students understand the central message of Christ: that genuine love is the most important of all things. All our duties flow from the most important duty of loving God and of loving one another with generous love. And all our hope flows from love; only when we are willing to learn what true love is can we have happy homes, deep and lasting friendships, fairness to the weak and the poor, and greatness and joy.

Lesson Plan for Class 4
Student Handouts for Class 4


Class 5: Personal Safety

Practicing Boundaries – home, school, and online safety guidelines for children

Lesson Plan for Class 5
Student Handouts for Class 5


Classes 1-5

Parents wishing to print all the lesson plans at once as well as all the student handouts may download the packets using the links below.

Complete Lesson Plans for Grade 6
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