Catholic Vision of Love - Grade 5


Class 1: Self-respect: Acknowledging why you are so important

This lesson seeks to help the students realize how immensely important each one of them is, in truth and before God. It helps them see how important their lives are, and how important are the things that deeply affect their lives. In a special way, it helps them see the importance of their sexuality, and of responding to the gift of sexuality in the light of the Lord’s teaching, and in ways that respect how things really are.

Lesson Plan for Class 1
Student Handouts for Class 1


Class 2: Understanding the changes we experience

This lesson helps the student to see that the many changes that come with adolescence should not be sources of anxiety, but are meant by God to be steps toward a richer fulfillment in life.

Lesson Plan for Class 2
Student Handouts for Class 2


Class 3: Friendship, love, and life

This lesson seeks to help students understand what friendship is, and why it is so precious a gift. Friendship makes life much happier, and enables us to be better persons. The lesson seeks to explore the truest kind of friendship, and see why it lasts longer and is more rewarding than less perfect kinds of friendship. In a special way it treats romantic friendships, and what characterizes true and lasting friendships to serve life well.

Lesson Plan for Class 3
Student Handouts for Class 3


Class 4: Christ in my home and in my life

This lesson speaks of the importance of the home. It speaks of the ways in which Christ taught us to love the home, and encouraged us to make our homes the happy places He wants them to be. The Lord meant homes to be schools of faith and love, places where our hearts learn life from people who deeply love us. It recalls how Christ wants us all to have happy lives, by tasting first the joy of being loved by generous parents, and the joy of loving those in our homes, and so learning the goodness of real love.

Lesson Plan for Class 4
Student Handouts for Class 4


Class 5: Personal Safety

Relationship Boundaries: Stranger danger, Respecting ourselves, Respecting our bodies

Lesson Plan for Class 5
Student Handouts for Class 5


Classes 1-5

Parents wishing to print all the lesson plans at once as well as all the student handouts may download the packets using the links below.

Complete Lesson Plans for Grade 5
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