Catholic Vision of Love - Grade 4


Personal Safety Curriculum


Unit 1 Choosing to Do the Right Thing for the Right Reason

Lesson 1

Respect for the rights and feelings of others, healthy and unhealthy ways to express feelings, behaviors that contribute to positive negative attitudes, and self control skills

Lesson Plan for Lesson 1
Student Handouts for Lesson 1


Lesson 2

Self control skills, behaviors that may cause conflict or stress and ways of dealing with them, appropriate ways to react in stressful situations, and personal strengths and weaknesses and their impact on others

Lesson Plan for Lesson 2
Student Handouts for Lesson 2


Unit 2 Respect for All

Lesson 3

Behaviors that show positive negative attitudes, healthy ways to have fun, peer influence on feelings, behavior, and decisions, characteristics of a friend, and peer pressure

Lesson Plan for Lesson 3
Student Handout for Lesson 3


Unit 3 Communication, Handling Stressful Situations

Lesson 4

Steps to making appropriate decisions, refusal skills, and behaviors that may cause conflict or stress and ways of dealing with them

Lesson Plan for Lesson 4
Student Handout for Lesson 4


Lesson 5

The ability to accept responsibility and consequences for actions, appropriate alternate behaviors that enhance personal safety, assertiveness with respect in response to a safe situation, and communication skills by acting out ways of communication – by phone, email, hand signals, and body language

Lesson Plan for Lesson 5
Student Handout for Lesson 5


Unit 4 Becoming a Leader for Personal Safety

Lesson 6

Ways of preventing abuse, assertiveness in response to an unsafe situation, interpersonal situations that may pose a threat to personal safety, and ways to help others

Lesson Plan for Lesson 6
Student Handout for Lesson 6


Lessons 1-6

The student booklet is meant to be printed and combined as a booklet for students. Parents wishing to print all the lesson plans at once as well as all the student handouts may download the packets using the links below.

Complete Lesson Plans and Handouts for Grade 4
Complete Student Booklet for Grade 4