Bulletin Guidelines for Submitting Articles/Notices

The deadline for submitting articles is Thursday by 12:30 pm two weeks prior to the publication date. This includes all articles by St. Benedict the Abbot parish staff, internal parish organizations, and/or external non-parish community groups. No requests will be accepted after this deadline. A contact name and phone number must be on all bulletin requests.

If an individual/organization misses the deadline for submitting an article for the bulletin, they will not be able to make an announcement at the Sunday liturgies in the absence of the bulletin announcement.

All articles must be submitted in writing (i.e. handwritten or using WORD software) and each article must have correct sentence structure and complete information as the requesting individual/organization would like the article to be stated in the bulletin. Incomplete information will not be accepted and the organization or parish staff member making the request will be contacted and article returned until complete information has been received.

If an individual/organization requests to use an article from a previous bulletin, the requesting individual/organization must provide a copy of the article. Any changes required in updating the previous bulletin article must be made before submitting the new request. It will not be the responsibility of the parish office to locate the prior bulletin announcement and make any changes requested by telephone or e-mail from the requesting individual/organization.

All articles may be submitted by FAX (724.941.9517), hand delivered to the Parish Office, emailed to bulletin@sbapeters.org  If articles are delivered to the Parish Office, they must be delivered Monday – Wednesday between the hours of 8:30 am - 4:30 pm, and Thursday between the hours of 8:30 am - 12:30 pm and at least two weeks prior to the requested publication date. No telephone calls will be accepted for any bulletin articles requested by parish staff, internal parish organizations or external non-parish community groups.